My job has recently been transferred from the UK to an Asian country. With the move from my established position to a new challenging role in a new environment, I suddenly found myself lacking my usual level of confidence...

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Transform your spoken communication and SPEAK your way to the top!

The human voice is one of the most used tools that exist, yet how often is it assessed, given training or fine tuned for better performance?

Francesca Gordon-Smith, Managing director of Positive Voice, specialises in spoken communication and vocal empowerment for native and non-native speakers. Training ranges from the basics of English grammar to Elocution, British accent coaching, Communication Skills, and Public Speaking. 

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Whilst Francesca also offers therapeutic coaching to boost confidence and accelerate the learning process, many people find that the practical training itself serves to boost their confidence. Imagine not having the confidence to speak in front of one person, let alone a whole room full, and then through the process of self improvement, finding yourself to be much more comfortable about communicating in English. Imagine learning how to structure almost any form of spoken dialogue and then learning how to deliver it in a way that is appealing and kind on the ear.

All courses are available in a variety of formats to suit individual needs and to overcome geographical challenges. 

Francesca's Videos, audios and books:

A Digital course in British Accent Coaching by Francesca GORDON-SMITH

Confidence boosting hypnotherapy audio for women by Francesca GORDON-SMITH (Available on Amazon and iTunes)

Find Your Charismatic Voice by Francesca GORDON-SMITH (Available on Amazon for Kindle)



For further information, please call Francesca directly: 0044 7903 954 550

Notable Achievement

In 2011, Francesca pioneered the use of Elocution in schools to improve spelling and has since been met with media acclaim.

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